Life or Death Product Management

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Life or Death Product Management

Opportunity Analysis

Target Audience
PM Advanced


Don will provide a case study of creating a start-up (his own) after many years of practicing and teaching Product Management. What worked. What didn’t. Why the tough questions kept coming back to balancing two or more often competing factors. Some science, some art, some things outside your control. Learning to fly without the safety net of a big company is stimulating and it’s survival, which is probably what company insiders should be doing.

Session Leader(s)
Don Jarrell

After decades as a Product Manager, and 12 years as a PdM consultant, Don founded Prista Corporation, which provides an AaaS-model application for clinical operations metrics for hospitals. Prista has customers and revenue and is growing, and in a product category where most users hate the “solutions”, Prista customers call ActionCue Clinical Intelligence “a joy to use”.