It’s Time for a New Class of Product Manager

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It’s Time for a New Class of Product Manager…Something Has to Change!

Product Management Careers

Target Audience
PM Advanced


B2B product management and product marketing teams are becoming disproportionately more tactical as the profession matures, leaving an enormous gap between corporate goals and the market/product strategy that can make or break execution. The tactical phenomenon isn’t the fault of the individuals in the positions but there is a clear trend in play. Something significant has to change if product teams are going to have a stronger leadership role in driving the organization’s growth. It’s time for a new class of product manager to close the “strategy gap.” Disruption guaranteed! Disruptive discussion welcome in this session.

Session Leader(s)
John Mansour

John Mansour is a 20-year veteran in high technology product management, marketing and sales. Much of his success in those roles can be attributed to extensive operations management experience in retail, healthcare and software companies. John has experience directing large worldwide teams on domestic and international product and marketing initiatives as well as helping start-up companies launch new products.