How Much Is That Customer In The Window?

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How Much Is That Customer In The Window?


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PM for Entrepreneurs

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What are your “true total costs” to acquire and keep customers? It’s usually more expensive than most entrepreneurs think. The result is under-priced and under-valued products and too much money going out the door uncontrolled. With this information, you not only price right but you know where you are losing money. Then, you can decide what to do differently to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. It will also will help you easily identify lower cost, higher value Platinum Profile™ customers that you should focus on to grow your business. If you have a great way to arrive at this number, come share it. I will talk about the strategy I recommend to my clients using some recent case studies.

Session Leader(s)
Jan Triplett, Ph.D.

Business Success Center CEO Jan Triplett, Ph.D. provides sales and marketing strategy to growing and under-achieving businesses locally and nationally. She wrote Networker’s Guide to Success, Thinking Big, Staying Small and Easy to Be Green: a Guide for Small Enterprises (available on Amazon). She developed the Owners MBA, won an SBA 5-star national award, and was featured in the ABJ.