Do Problem Statements Facilitate or Inhibit Innovation?

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Do Problem Statements Facilitate or Inhibit Innovation?

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To use or not to use problem statements has been a hot topic for product management debate for several years now. Some groups adamantly claim that problem statements are essential to a product team’s ability to innovate. Others claim that they stifle the ability to create breakout products. Is there a way to use problem statements to facilitate innovation, or should your product team scrap the idea?

We expect lots of divergent conversation as we discuss this controversial topic. However, by the end of the session we hope to come together as a group with new ideas and conclusions about problem statements.

Session Leader(s)
Byron Workman

Byron Workman is a Product Management Consultant at Ryma. For the past 10 years he has been involved in selecting, deploying, and training product management processes and tools at small, medium, and large businesses. He enjoys the banjo, Texas style outdoor cooking, woodworking, and golf.