Darth Vaders Guide to SEO and Galactic Domination – aka Enterprise SEO

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Darth Vaders Guide to SEO and Galactic Domination – aka Enterprise SEO

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Google isn’t helping you out any by constantly changing the SEO rules and making Adwords an expensive alternative. This is especially true as you aim to compete in competitive industries and launch new products. We’ll take a look at how Darth Vader would have done SEO in the following areas:

1. SEO Opportunities for popular open source CMSs.

2. Micro-formats and the semantic web.

3. Scalable SEO workflows.

4. SEO tools without a Death Star budget.

5. Link building tips – Don’t pay for link building until you see these slides. I’ll cover the full spectrum of link building techniques from pure white to pitch black. Links are still important and you’re going to need a ton of good ones if you want to compete for the top keywords in any industry.

Session Leader(s)
Josh Ward

Josh Ward is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at A Small Orange. Here, he is responsible for overseeing the branding, marketing, and sales strategy across all the A Small Orange Brands. Going back in his past you’ll find SEO, linux administration and brokering network equipment. Josh is a husband, father of four, occasional traveler, and bourbon drinker.