Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work

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Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work

Product Strategy

Target Audience
PM Advanced


For Product Managers, Product Owners and Agile/Lean team members that want to infuse their projects with a unique product vision capable of disrupting markets and delighting customers. Prioritization becomes clear when the vision is a tool rather than a generic platitude. Your vision tells the market who you are and who you want to be.

The presentation will emphasize examples of good and not-so-good use of product vision from industry and the speaker’s background. The intent is to find practical ways to assess, develop, and use product vision on an ongoing basis.

Session Leader(s)
Kelly Looney

Kelly Looney has 30 year career delivering products (ParcPlace, Activerse, Rocksteady, Traq Wireless) as well as consulting with large organizations on new approaches to product development (CAP GEMINI, Booz Allen/USAID, ThoughtWorks, Valtech). He has helped lead large scale agile adoption efforts worldwide, and is an accomplished speaker on the topics of product management, agile and lean business and software development.