Proposed Sessions

These are the sessions currently submitted for ProductCamp Austin 8.

Proposed sessions will be voted on by the ProductCamp participants with the most popular sessions getting on the event schedule.

Click on the title below to see the entire proposal. Click here for information about submitting a session proposal. Have a question? Contact the Sessions Chair.

Category Title Audience Session Leader
Go-to-Market 7 Marketing Maxims I Learnt from Star Wars PM Essentials C.K. Kumar
How Much Is That Customer In The Window? PM for Entrepreneurs Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
Own your Story or Someone Else Will PM Essentials Josh Duncan
Does Your Marketing Sell? PM for Entrepreneurs Dave Angelow
The Secrets Of Successful Product Branding PM for Entrepreneurs Scott Creamer, Darren Drewitz, Dave Brown
Product Lifecycle Management Seven Phase Standard Product LifeCycle PM Advanced Brian Lawley
Product Strategy Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012 PM Advanced Pat Scherer
The Art of Entrepreneurship PM for Entrepreneurs Melissa D’Antoni
Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work PM Advanced Kelly Looney
The 4-step Process for Overcoming Market Unpredictability PM Essentials Jeremy Gorr
How to Create Products That Don’t Suck PM for Entrepreneurs Tom Evans
Congratulations you are a Portfolio Manager! Now what? PM Advanced Buck Avey
The Business End of Product Management PM Advanced Derick Workman
Marketing Execution How to Give Good Demo PM Essentials Lorin Rivers
Make Your Customers Come to You PM Advanced Parker Short, Kelly Jackson
Darth Vaders Guide to SEO and Galactic Domination PM Advanced Josh Ward
Transform Your “User Conference” Into An Industry Happening PM Advanced Thom Singer
4 Quick Fixes to Boost PPC Performance PM Advanced Shawn Livengood
Pirate or Patriot – From Pay Per Click to PR PM for Entrepreneurs Elizabeth Quintanilla
Why Product Managers Need To Emulate Twitter! PM for Entrepreneurs Cindy F. Solomon
Product Management Careers The Future of Product Management PM Advanced John Milburn
Presentation Wisdom Learned from Comedians and Improvisers PM Essentials John Moore
Strategy Begins with You PM Advanced Dori Gilbert
It’s Time for a New Class of Product Manager PM Advanced John Mansour
The Product Management Game Show PM Advanced Brian Lawley, Cindy Solomon, Val Workman, Tom Evans
Product Management for a Cause PM for Entrepreneurs Val Workman
Product Management and Product Marketing the SolarWinds Way! PM Advanced Denny LeCompte, Chris LaPoint, Sanjay Castelino, Bertrand Hazard
Requirements Definition A Slice of Design PM Essentials Tulsi Dharmarajan
Product Development What is the benefit of an Open Innovation Process? PM Advanced Jose A. Briones
Opportunity Analysis Do Problem Statements Facilitate or Inhibit Innovation? PM Advanced Byron Workman
Life or Death Product Management PM Advanced Don Jarrell