PCA-13 Proposed Sessions

Take a look at the great sessions proposed for ProductCamp Austin 13 on August 2nd:



Category Title Audience Session Format Session Leader
Go-to-Market When NOT to Automate PM Advanced Presentation Sheena Gregson Theresa Huth
Google or search.com? Why We Suck at Naming Products and Companies PM Entrepreneurs Presentation Roger L. Cauvin
Top 10 Pricing Mistakes to Avoid PM Advanced Roundtable Breakout Lisa Singer
What Story are You Telling About Your Products? PM Advanced Presentation Mike Boudreaux
Grandpa Cookie Pop vs Nancy Natural Chocolate Chip – Who Will Win the Go to Market Battle? PM Advances Workshop Elizabeth Quintanilla
Product Strategy Product Council: Broad Product Roadmap Participation, Fit for Jedi PM Essentials Presentation Lance Ellisor
Dave Deitering
Enterprise Software Doesn’t Have to Suck PM Essentials Presentation Gary Schroeder
Inspire Your Organization to Create Great Products PM Essentials Presentation Esteban Souto
Trademarks – What, When, and Where? PM Entrepreneurs Workshop Andrew Eisenberg
Heat Map Ya Roadmap: Engaging Stakeholders for Fun & Data PM Advanced Workshop Erika May McNichol
Building Consensus (maybe?) with Collaborative Stack-ranking, and This Other Weird Old Trick PM Essentials Workshop Glen Ford
The Business of APIs: the Why, What and How of Connecting your Product to the World PM Advanced Presentation Daniel Elizalde
Innovation Audit PM Advanced Workshop Drury Grigsby
Be a Strategist to Elevate Your Company and Propel Your Career PM Advanced Presentation Britton Manasco
Survival of the Fittest: Product to Solution Evolution PM Advanced Town Hall Lisa Singer
Maintaining an Innovative Organization Using the Creativity of Employees PM Advanced Town Hall Dr. John Vanston
Carrie Vanston
When Scaling a Business Completely Dependent on Social Media Networks, Ignore Agile Principals at Your Peril! PM Advanced Presentation Matt Roberts
The C Word – How Collaborative Consumption is Disrupting Everything and How You Can Benefit From It PM Essentials Presentation C. K. Kumar
Marketing Execution The E Newsletter PM Entrepreneurs Other Steve DeRosa
Vicki McCullough
Proposal Preparation: NOW is the Time! PM Essentials Presentation Vicki McCullough
A Sober Approach to Social Media PM Advanced Presentation Craig Andrews
The News Release is Dead, Long Live the News Release PM Advanced Presentation Dara Quackenbush
9 Levels of Enterprise Work Hell: A Journey Through the Enterprise Underworld PM Essentials Presentation Byron Workman
How to Wake Up LinkedIn as Part of Your Brand Messaging PM Essentials Presentation Matt Scherer
Sales Enablement Essentials Masterclass PM Essentials Town Hall Andre Piazza
Launching New Products via Twitter and Pinterest… Really?!? PM Advanced Presentation Mark Robert Johnson
Sell Mortimer, Sell!  What Good Product People Bring to the Sales Process PM Essentials Presentation Mike Ditson
Blocking and Tackling for Entrepreneurs: IP’s (Intellectual Property) Role in Product Development PM Entrepreneurs Presentation Robert Villhard
Googled SEO PM Entrepreneurs Presentation Yusuf Chowdhury
Social Media Strategies and Optimization PM Entrepreneurs Presentation Veronica O. Morales
Beyond Products and Portfolios: Integrated Marketing Workshop PM Advanced Workshop Andre Piazza
Product Management Careers A Winning Strategy for Effective Task Management for Simple to Complex Projects PM Essentials Presentation Michael McGrail
The Targeted Job Search – How to Get the Hiring Manager to Call You! PM Advanced Presentation Marc Miller
Mastermind Construction Zone PM Essentials Presentation Thom Singer
“The State of Product Management” & Your Career PM Essentials Presentation Todd Middlebrook
From Product Manager to Entrepreneur: How to Make the Move to Starting Your Own Company PM Entrepreneurs Presentation Josh Meisel
George Luc
Bad Product Manager/Good Product Manager PM Essentials Town Hall Tom Evans
Product Development
Luck vs Skill PM Entrepreneurs Town Hall Dan Crean
Intro to Agile for Product Managers PM Essentials Presentation Mark Spitzer
Agile Product Release Planning – Concept & Simulation PM Essentials Workshop David Hawks
Mark Spitzer
Deliver Double the Value in Half the Time PM Advanced Presentation David Hawks
Surviving the Mobile App Jungle: What No One Tells You About Mobile PM Essentials Panel Discussion Alicia Dixon
Lean Invention PM for Entrepreneurs Workshop Conley Giles
Luemara Wagner
Opportunity Analysis Goldilocks Growth: How to Grow Just Right! PM for Entrepreneurs Town Hall Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
Use Real-Time Alerts to Make More Money and Reduce Risks PM for Entrepreneurs Presentation Steve Pearson
Outsmart the Competition Through Patent Research PM Essentials Presentation Steve Pearson
Where is the Opportunity in an Internet of Things (IoT)? PM Essentials Town Hall Paul Teich
Using Improv! to Improve Your Group Facilitation and Product/Market/Company Leadership PM Essentials Workshop Jeff Brantley
Strategic Segmentation: Move Beyond Product to Reach Your RIGHT Customer PM Essentials Presentation Becky Trevino
Market Problem Matrix PM Advanced Presentation Scott Sehlhorst
How to Create Products That Don’t Suck PM for Entrepreneurs Presentation Tom Evans