PCA-12 Proposed Sessions

Take a look at the great sessions proposed for ProductCamp Austin 12 on February 15th:


Category Title Audience Session Leader
Go-to-Market Getting Away from Internal Thinking and Figuring Out Who Will Actually Buy What You Are Selling PM for Entrepreneurs Kate Brew
Product Leaders as Thought Leaders PM Advanced Britton Manasco
M. Lee Sellers
Product Strategy
Show Your Brand’s A Necessity or GO HOME !  PM for Entrepreneurs Tuck Kamin
5 Ways Companies Make Product Decisions PM Essentials Roger L Cauvin
How Gamification Can Help You Generate ideas, Improve Product Design and increase Sales  PM Advanced Jose A Briones
So you think you’re too sexy for Product Management? PM Advanced Buck Avey
Beware, customers don’t mean what they say! PM Advanced Donna Imam
We all play a part in Services Marketing, so what’s your strategy?  PM Essentials Aaron Shaw
The Road(map) Warrior! “Tactics for fighting a PM’s defining battle” PM Advanced Mike Ditson
Converting Bright Ideas into Business Opportunities PM for Entrepreneurs Dr. John Vanston
The Whole Product Manager: A Craftsmanship Approach PM Essentials Prabhakar Gopalan
Product Management – When to think big and when to think small PM Essentials Josh Duncan
Game Theory and Product Strategy PM Advanced Nir Soffer
Marketing Execution A Sober Approach to Social Media PM Advanced  Craig Andrews
Search Marketing Clinic PM Essentials Joel Casarez
Carlos Crespo
Josh Ward
Ducks & Skirts: 2 Families owning the American mind! PM for Entrepreneurs Elizabeth Quintanilla
The Sales Role of Location Intelligence PM Essentials Jan Triplett, Ph. D.
Jeff Hoppe
Hoan Vu
Adopt your Sales team & Sales Enablement Essentials PM Essentials Andre Piazza
Product Management Careers The Targeted Job Search: How to get the Hiring Manager to Call You! PM Advanced Marc Miller
Twitter and the #prodmgmt community PM Essentials Alicia Dixon
From Employee to Entrepreneur: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned PM for Entrepreneurs Vicki McCullough
Mary Anne Connolly
The State of Product Management – 2013 PM Essentials John Milburn
Getting to Product Marketing without an MBA PM Essentials Donna Imam
Andrea Falkin
From Employee to Entrepreneur: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned PM for Entrepreneurs Vicki McCullough
Product Management for the Millennials and younger – Explain what we do in 6 seconds with the Vine PM Essentials Jeff Brantley
How to be a Modern Marketeer – 7 Essential Survival Skills to Succeed in Marketing Today PM Essentials C. K. Kumar
Product Marketing Manager as Informal Coach – Three Things You Need to Master PM Advanced Byron Van Arsdale
Requirements Definition Requirements, Stories, and Agile, Oh My! PM Advanced Jeff Lash
Badass UX: 10 Tips for Getting the Best From Your UX Designer PM Essentials Erin Young
Using Axure RP for Collaborative Design PM Advanced Erin Young
Sorting Out Product Management and User Experience PM Essentials Jeff Lash
Recover from Flat Backlogs with User Story Mapping PM Essentials Tracy Whitehill
Product Development How the Arts Apply to Product Management PM Essentials  Emily Ball Cicchini
Make Agile Work When it’s Offshore PM for Entrepreneurs Neysa King
Lean Invention PM for Entrepreneurs Conley Giles
App Development for the Programming-Challenged PM for Entrepreneurs Ann Jagert
Intro to Agile for Product Managers PM Essentials David Hawks
Incorporating the user: how to create and prioritize a list of stories from the user’s perspective PM Advanced Kirsten Maitland
Opportunity Analysis Rapid Product Models – Good & Cheap PM for Entrepreneurs Dub Dublin
Mapping the Sales Trail PM Advanced Jan Triplett, Ph. D.
Innovating for Google Glasses PM for Entrepreneurs Arjun Srinivasan
Storytelling4 Planning and Communication PM for Entrepreneur Kim McDonald
No More Chocolate Teapots: A Big Lesson from Failed Products PM Advanced Adriana Beal
MiniTrends: Seven Pathways to Profit and Personal Satisfaction PM for Entrepreneurs Carrie Vanston
Use Real-Time Alerts to Make More Money and Reduce Risks PM for Entrepreneurs Steve Pearson
We are the 99%!! Apply LeanStartup thinking for Non-Startup Product Innovation PM Advanced Jeff Brantley