PCA 10 Proposed Sessions

Here you can see the great sessions that took place at ProductCamp Austin 10 last winter:

Category Title Audience Session Leader
Go-to-Market What story are you telling about your products? PM Essentials Mike Boudreaux
Envision Exceptional Growth: How Visual Marketing and Selling Set You Apart PM Advanced M. Lee Sellers, Britton Manasco
Catching and Keeping the Wild Stakeholder PM for Entrepreneurs Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
3 Agile Tactics That Will Improve the Sales & Marketing Machine PM Advanced John Mansour
Crowd Funding for Product Validation PM for Entrepreneurs Conley Giles
Hiring & Starting the RIGHT Salesperson PM for Entrepreneurs Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
It is a Mad, Mad, Mad World of Mobile Marketing! PM Essentials C.K. Kumar
Product Launch Process PM Essentials Ranjit Nayak
The Good, the Bad and the Viral: Why video is vital to a product’s launch success PM Essentials Greg Kincade
Product Strategy Here’s a scenario for you – effectively address risk by using scenarios PM for Entrepreneurs Paul Teich
Trouble with Tribbles: Prospect Interviews Are Giving You a False Sense of Confidence PM Advanced Roger L. Cauvin
Branding Across Borders – Strategies for a multi-industry, multi-product launch PM Advanced Andjelo C. Mwembya, Colin McClelland, Christian Reed-Ogba, Uchennaya Ogba
Put a Little Love In Your Product! Discover How Great Products Evoke Emotions PM Advanced Tom Evans
The pursuit of product management excellence: A practitioner’s journey PM Advanced Prabhakar Gopalan, Josh Duncan
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Product Strategies and the Easier Alternative PM Essentials John Mansour
Lean Startup in the Enterprise PM Advanced Glen Ford
The AIPMM Seven-Phase Product Life Cycle for Startups PM for Entrepreneurs Hector del Castillo
Marketing Execution Event Marketing: The 7 Essentials (& Then Some) PM for Entrepreneurs Stephanie Hackney
Content Marketing Planning for High-Impact Product Launches PM Advanced David Moore
Pissing Off People for Profit: High-Quality Sales Lead Generation through Online Chat PM Essentials Mica Matlock, Jane Dueease
5 Steps to Architecting a Successful Whitepaper, Faster PM Essentials Lori Witzel, Stacy Dyer
Science & Art of Storytelling in Marketing – Crafting Compelling Content for your Brand! PM for Entrepreneurs Elizabeth Quintanilla
Social Media Tips & Tricks (an un-workshop) PM Essentials Ricardo Guerrero
Product Management Careers Keeping your PM Sanity when moving to Agile PM Essentials John Milburn
Culture and Teamwork with Strangers – Managing Remote Teams PM Advanced Josh Ward
Giving Better Presentations (At Product Camp and Beyond) PM for Entrepreneurs Thom Singer
So, you want to be a consultant… PM Essentials Paul Teich
Employ Kanban to regain some order in your work – Interactive Workshop PM Advanced David Hawks
Creating A Professional Brand That People Will Remember Using LinkedIn PM for Entrepreneurs Marc Miller
Great Products Need Great People! An Executive Perspective On What It Takes To Be A Great PM PM Advanced Michael Helmbrecht, Tom Hale, David Kenyon, Jay Hallberg
The To-Do List Diet – Less Wait & More Results! PM for Entrepreneurs Byron Van Arsdale
Why I didn’t Hire You – 7 things you as a Product Manager Candidate could have done to sway a hiring manager PM Essentials Mike Ditson
PowerPoint Karaoke PM Essentials Paul Young
Opportunity Analysis: “For Benefit Business – How to build a sustainable company culture in a post recession era?” PM Advanced Thomas Heatherly
The Product Manager Pathfinder: Managing High-Performance Product Management Teams PM Advanced Hector del Castillo
Requirements Definition Product Leadership – Requirements Sourcing and Vetting PM for Entrepreneurs Pat Scherer
Frugal Innovation: How Simple Design Solutions Can Raise Living Standards Around the World PM Advanced Jose Briones
Product Development Stop Starting, Start Finishing PM Advanced David Hawks
The Agile Product Owner – Bear Traps and Strategies PM Essentials Ned Horvath
From Developer to Product Owner: Rays of light from the Darkside. PM Essentials Michal Minecki
Get Your Idea Made: Leveraging Chinese Engineering and Manufacturing for Physical Products PM for Entrepreneurs Peter Keller
SEO is Just Product Mangement for Searchers & Bots PM Advanced Jeremy Bencken
Opportunity Analysis How to be different and stand out from the crowd PM Advanced Donna Imam
Strategic Segmentation: Move Beyond Product to Understand How to Reach Your Best Customer PM Advanced Becky Trevino
Want To Vet A Collaboration Opportunity Match-Up Before Launch? Here’s One Proven Way. PM for Entrepreneurs Sherry Lowry
Epic Product Battles of History: Lego vs. GI Joe PM Essentials 1st Lieutenant Alejandro Perez
Identifying Profitable Public-Spirited Business Opportunities Using MiniTrends PM for Entrepreneurs Dr. John Vanston
Digital Compact – Don’t Propose. Close. A Smarter Sales Tool. PM for Entrepreneurs PJ Christie