Where is the Opportunity in an Internet of Things (IoT)?

This session will be a high-level presentation describing Moor Insights & Strategy's behavioral segmentation of the IoT, see http://bit.ly/MIS_IoT as a pre-read. I'll outline what a complete, end-to-end IoT ecosystem looks like (Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Internet of All Things, whatever), from embedded sensors to cloud-based Big Data analytics. I will leave lots of time for questions from attendees. If you are curious about overall opportunity for technologies, products and services in the IoT or if you have a specific solution already in mind, bring your questions!

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Opportunity Analysis

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PM Essentials

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Paul Teich

Paul R. Teich is CTO and Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S). He leads MI&S’s technology research and publishes on topics including technology evolution and human interactions with high-tech products. Paul’s insightful behavioral market segmentation for the Internet of Things (IoT) helps simplify decision making in complex emerging technology markets. http://www.moorinsightsstrategy.com/about/