When Scaling a Business Completely Dependent on Social Media Networks, Ignore Agile Principals at Your Peril!

The only thing constant in Social Media Networks is radical change, that you likely have absolutely no control over. Your customers depend on you to provide a solid user experience regardless of the latest breaking change that has been thrust on you since you fell asleep a few hours ago. In this session, Matt Roberts (VP of Product Development) will discuss some of the most crucial lessons learned with regards to being agile during his tenure so far at Socialware. These changes are not merely limited to development, but permeate product portfolio planning, product roadmap creation and maintenance, partnerships, and so on. Expect real-world examples related to the principals and values as outlined in the Agile Manifesto (agilemanifesto.org). A lively discussion with self-deprecating humor and contributions from the community is all but assured. These contributions will be tallied and sent to all participants.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts is an agile pragmatist continuing his lifelong learning journey, currently serving customers and innovators throughout the complete value chain as VP of Product Development for Socialware. His experience is wide-ranging as he has developed software and led efforts to create systems for product development teams to deliver innovative solutions in companies ranging from early-stage startup to publicly-traded companies.