When NOT to Automate

In our increasingly fast-paced world, automation continues to move the needle in speed of delivery – but if you’re delivering the wrong solution, does it matter how quickly it happens? Join us to learn about the practicality of human interaction over automation in defining a solution and the challenges in determining when and how to make the switch.

In this session we’ll discuss the challenges of automating processes around human interaction and the value of using a Minimum Viable Product-style approach to define a better overall solution:

  • why to automate – a seemingly easy question with a devil-in-the-details answer
  • when to automate – how to know when you’re ready to make the switch
  • challenges to automation in the real world – the ugly truth about opportunity cost and resource constraints Featuring case studies from Rackspace.

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PM Advanced

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Sheena Gregson

Sheena Gregson is the product manager for Security development at Rackspace, working on making the interwebs a safer place. Her all-star development team is developing the OpenStack key manager, Barbican, and she is responsible for the SSL certificate product line. Her previous experience spans from company-wide identity management to implementing PCI compliant architecture for collection and retention of sensitive customer data.