We are the 99%!! Apply LeanStartup thinking for Non-Startup Product Innovation

"Product Managers in high-tech are required to achieve ambitious results through their Sales teams, yet often feel disconnected, intimidated or simply frustrated by the relationship or results achieved with those Sales makers and leaders.  This session will explore how to change this picture step-by-step by utilizing simple Product Management tools and techniques in order to achieve the results you need, harness the full potential and build lasting relationships with your Sales team.  We will discuss: - How influential Marketers acknowledge and bridge the Sales and Marketing divide - The #1 thing your Sales team wants you to know - The 4 core dimensions of Sales Enablement  - A step-by-step process to win over the hearts and minds of Sales makers and get the product / portfolio results you want to achieve  Following the presentation we’ll use the Town Hall format to field questions from the audience in an interactive discussion."

Session Category

Opportunity Analysis

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PM Advanced

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Jeff Brantley

Jeff Brantley is a career product-guy. He is always on the quest for a better way to do things in building products that hit the mark for value. Jeff has held leadership roles in Product Management, Marketing at companies of all sizes in Austin. He is a skilled Product Manager, organizational leader, Agile coach and Innovation Games Collaboration Architect.