Using Improv! to Improve Your Group Facilitation and Product/Market/Company Leadership

YES! and... How many times have you been stuck in a meeting (of customers, or employees, or team members, or execs) that was going NO-WHERE fast? Oh the HORROR when you realize that this is YOUR session... YOU were supposed to be running it! Vote for this session only if you dare to learn something new... I promise: Fun and Interactive. No Powerpoint. LEARN:

  • How to help groups of any size remember YOU and your presentation. (really)
  • Improv ideas for particular situations with clients/teams/prospects/execs.
  • How to get some people to talk, and others to shut up.
  • To get people to PLAY with you in collaborative (yet serious) games.
  • What to do in those "on the spot" situations when you have a great opportunity - How to take advantage of any interaction with users/customers.
  • How to be OK with being a little weird.

Session Category

Opportunity Analysis

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Jeff Brantley

Jeff has over twenty years of experience in high-tech including: sales, training, product management and marketing, and Agile coaching and transformation consulting. He's managed PM teams of a handful to a dozen distributed across the world. Jeff loves collaborating with people to solve real and valuable problems. (Jeff has sorta improvised his whole career that way.)