Use Real-Time Alerts to Make More Money and Reduce Risks

"Automated alerts help entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses stay competitive with real-time data about specific subjects, technologies, patents, authors and/or companies. They help you identify new business opportunities but they can also warn you about THREATS to your business. This session will cover:  Types of automated alerts, Alert Providers,  How to balance your needs, risk and budget to identify the best alert(s) for you (some are FREE!) , How to configure your alerts for maximum benefit "

Session Category

Opportunity Analysis

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Steve Pearson

Steve is the Lead Strategist and Founder of the Pearson Strategy Group that provides Competitive Intelligence, Innovation Support, and Informed Strategic Development services to entrepreneurs, inventors and companies working in the technology, electrical, mechanical, energy/power, construction or transportation industries. Steve's biggest passion is accelerating innovation and product development by identifying emerging, adjacent and disruptive technologies.