Trademarks – What, When, and Where?

During this course, we will cover the basics of trademark law: what to know before filing, how trademarks work, and what your responsibilities are once your trademark issues. Following the basics, we will cover non-traditional uses of trademarks to provide additional protection for your products and creative works. We will also discuss use of trademarks to enhance marketing campaigns and efforts and ideas for monetizing trademarks to earn a tangible return on your investment.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Andrew Eisenberg

Andrew works as an IP attorney with Lee & Hayes, the number 1 rated patent firm. Andrew has also worked in-house as General Counsel for an Austin based medical startup and he is patented inventor. Andrew enjoys working with startup companies and, due to his time in-house, provides his clients with unique insights regarding challenges associated with starting a business.