The Road(map) Warrior! “Tactics for fighting a PM’s defining battle”

No challenge better enhances (or hurts) a Product Manager’s ability to make an impact as the innocuously titled “Roadmap Presentation” meeting.  For a high-tech organization, the roadmap process either becomes the conduit for investment decision making or it becomes the butt of every other organization's jokes. For product managers, the process can feel like holding on to a bucking bronco, but with the right preparation it can be more like harnessing the energy to surf the perfect wave.  This session will combine presentation and input from the group to discuss tactics that ensure roadmap victory!

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Mike Ditson

Mike Ditson has served as both VP of Product Management and Product Marketing for multiple companies. He's had roadmaps that successfully channeled 130 person development teams, and he's had roadmaps that crashed and burned. Mike felt honored to win the runner-up best presentation at the last ProductCamp, which means he feels overwhelming pressure this time to at least not stink.