The News Release is Dead, Long Live the News Release

Like the famous quote from Mark Twain, the death of the news release has been greatly exaggerated. However, in this day of online and social news, news releases have to involve. Long, boring paragraphs no longer cut it. In this session you’ll learn:

  • How releases are evolving to Content PR
  • Why shorter is better
  • Why you need photos and multimedia
  • How to structure your releases to be more readable

Session Category

Marketing Execution

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Dara Quackenbush

Dara Quackenbush is a seasoned PR practitioner. She has spent her career helping companies, from Fortune 100 businesses to small start-ups, tell their stories. She has worked on both the agency and corporate side of public relations, developing strategy, pitching media and doing social media outreach. She also taught PR for six years at Texas State University.