The C Word – How Collaborative Consumption is disrupting everything and how you can benefit from it.

Be Afraid! There is a silent but large upheaval underway in almost every market and economic system. It is called Collaborative Consumption. It is disrupting entrenched businesses and decimating traditional roles at an alarming pace. Think how Airbnb has impacted the hospitality industry. Or what Uber has wrought on the urban transportation industry. Is your industry next? Could your role be at risk? Also, Be Excited!! Collaborative Consumption is creating new markets and entirely new business models which is opening up opportunities in the unexpected of places. What should you know about collaborative consumption that can affect you and help you? Come to this interesting session on learn the What, Why and How of Collaborative Consumption, the interesting trends at play, the areas being impacted and explore surprising opportunities that are opening up almost everywhere.

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Product Strategy

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PM Essentials

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C. K. Kumar

C. K. Kumar is a Marketing and Strategy professional who has spent the past 17 years in several technology and marketing roles in start-ups and large companies. He helps multiple start-ups on their marketing and business strategies. He is currently the Vice-President of Marketing & Strategy at