The Business of APIs: the Why, What and How of Connecting your Product to the World

Stand-alone products are a thing of the past. All current trends like Cloud, Mobile, Wearables, Big Data, etc, rely on the growing trend of connectivity between applications and devices. To succeed, or even to compete, your product must offer connectivity to other applications. This means that your product must expose an API. 

Opening an API is a strategic business decision that needs to be led by Product Management, not Engineering. In this presentation, you'll learn:

  • The state of the software industry and why you can't afford to ignore this trend
  • Three different API strategies, and how to monetize them
  • New challenges APIs bring to Sales, Marketing, Support and Legal 

Exposing an API has a lot of benefits, but also brings in a whole new set of challenges. This is a session that no software Product Manager can afford to miss.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Daniel Elizalde

Daniel Elizalde is a seasoned enterprise product manager with a consulting and technical background. He currently manages the development experience for Volusion's SaaS enterprise commerce platform ( He has extensive experience managing the full product lifecycle for web, mobile and desktop applications. Daniel is the author of the Product Management blog Manager's Build (