Strategic Segmentation: Move Beyond Product to Reach Your RIGHT Customer

You have the right product. There is a vast market out there. Problem is with all of the marketing noise (social, TV, radio, print), how can you possibly make your product stand out in the midst of it all? On top of that, you really do not have Microsoft's budget to spend on advertising.... The solution is an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan built on Proper Customer Segmentation. A segmentation is a group of customers who display similar attributes to each other? Based on your product and budget, not all customers are created equal and only the right segmentation will help you identify which customers to keep, which to forget, and who to fire. During this session I will discuss:

  • Business Logic for Segmentation
  • Response-Based Segmentation
  • Use of Targets and Personas
  • Techniques to Put Segmentation to Work

Session Category

Opportunity Analysis

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Becky Trevino

Becky Trevino is Director of Managed Cloud Infrastructure and Community at Rackspace. In this capacity, Becky runs one of largest cloud computing footprints in the world. Prior to Rackspace, Becky served in engineering and Product Marketing roles at Dell. Becky earned an MS in Engineering from The University of Michigan and an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.