Show Your Brand’s A Necessity or GO HOME!

Is your brand a necessity ?   Consistently misunderstood and overlooked by start ups and most companies is how to dial in the necessity of the brand. Necessity is the ultimate magnet. There is nothing else. Capture the attention of your investors, prospective audience and transform them in to evangelists for your brand. Start with smart creative strategy.  Test it against competitors and you'll discover new market frontiers that will emerge. For over 20 years I have helped companies from Sony, Mattel, Dell, Southwest Airlines, Smirnoff Vodka and Whole Foods.  All got an absolute way to NECESSI-FI their brand.  I will show you a template and procedure to use. How to make sure you work with the right people and develop the best strategy to make sure your brand is seen as a necessity. If no one buys what good.  A full frontal entertaining presentation without nudity. But just as provocative.

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Product Strategy

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PM for Entrepreneurs

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Tuck Kamin

Tuck Kamin, branding strategist and creative director for over 25 years. Helping start-ups find their footing and winning speed. Tuck has helped Fortune 500 companies start on the right track, course correct and breakthrough their categories. Clients have included Sony, Dell, British Airways, Whole Food Markets, Pure Austin, Colgate Palmolive, IFLY, and numerous start-up technologies.