Sell Mortimer, Sell! What Good Product People Bring to the Sales Process

Everyone’s job is sales! People in product roles are uniquely positioned to improve sales of their company’s products and services. Unfortunately, because so many product people come out of technical roles, they often have had little or no exposure to sales methods and practices. Lack of this understanding creates a hole in a product manager’s ability to champion his or her product. This session is in a presentation and group discussion format. Topics will include “sales 101” for product people, as well as basics of sales force management, and how product management and marketing can positively contribute.

Session Category

Marketing Execution

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PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

MIke Ditson

MIke Ditson is VP of Product for Square Root, Inc. Mike has previously at the past three product camps, including one runner-up for best presenter (I got lucky ;-). Mike was previously VP of Product Management at both Kinnser Software and Peoplefluent