“Requirements, Stories, and Agile.” Oh My!

Traditional requirements deliverables like MRDs (Market Requirements Documents) and PRDs (Product Requirements Documents) have no place in Agile right? Or do they? Many teams throw out most traditional product management techniques when implementing agile, often to run into problems when it comes to planning, roadmapping, and aligning with other functions like marketing. So are MRDs and PRDs the answer? Or is there another way to have some structure while at the same time getting the benefits of agile? This session will talk about what is different about requirements within an agile environment, what product managers need to stop doing, but also what they should keep doing and why it's important.

Session Category

Product Lifecycle Mgmt

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash is a Research Director at SiriusDecisions, where he conducts research and advises product management teams within B2B companies on how to improve their performance and effectiveness. He has 10+ years experience in product management, user experience and product development. Jeff writes the popular How To Be a Good Product Manager blog (www.goodproductmanager.com) and is on Twitter as @jefflash.