Recover from Flat Backlogs with User Story Mapping

Remember when people thought the world was flat?  That same type of thinking may be shaping your product backlog into a monolithic list that is difficult to understand.  In this hands-on workshop you will learn a new tool, User Story Mapping, which focuses on customer discovery to help you gain insights and produce a multi-dimensional view of your product development needs. A user story map arranges user stories into a useful model to help understand what you want to deliver, identify holes and omissions in your backlog, and effectively plan holistic releases that deliver real value to users.

Session Category

Product Development

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Tracy Whitehill

Tracy is an Agile Coach with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology. Over her career in both the public and private sectors, she has served in many roles including programmer, analyst, trainer, manager, Product Owner and Scrum Master. She is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO) and is active in Austin's Agile community.