Product Management – When to think big and when to think small

Building products means making decisions - lots of decisions .  A few can be massive and game changing. Many will be small but have the potential for big impact. While there is no way to cover every decision you are going to have to make as a product manager, this session will provide ideas and frameworks (and over 20+ great resources).  We will discuss decisions around new product development, optimizing existing products, and pivoting when things aren't working. We will focus the discussion by looking at a few case studies and learning from the shared experiences of the attendees.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Josh Duncan

Josh Duncan is VP of Product at Noesis Energy, an Austin based software startup focused on the challenge of the $70 billion that is wasted yearly due to inefficient buildings. Josh has previously led several ProductCamp sessions and has been honored to win best session two times.