Product Management for the Millennials and younger – Explain what we do in 6 seconds with the Vine

Have you ever ha to explain what you do to non-PMs?  How about to the younger generation? Join me in this interactive workshop where we will all create 6 second videos on Vine and 140 character tweets that describe various aspects of what we do for a living.  Come with a vine account and be ready to have some fun!    If such a category existed, this would be considered "Experimental"   Vote for this only if you will participate and improv with me...

Session Category

Prod Mgmt Careers

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Jeff Brantley

Jeff is a product guy at heart and loves to try new games and activities and technologies that help him do a better job (or at least have some fun while doing it)! He's also an adept facilitator and enjoys improvisation.