Product Leaders as Thought Leaders

Want to be a market leader? Be a thought leader. Winning product initiatives require trusted authorities who can provide insights that clarify the case for change and investment. What's needed is a distinctive point of view that separates signal from noise -- and sets the stage for powerful sales conversations.   What does it take to position yourself (and/or your product leaders) as valued authorities? Come to this session and learn the success factors and action steps you can apply to build a thought leadership platform that drives demand and sales growth.   Drawing on client case studies from SAP, PTC, Cisco, and others, find out how product leaders can strategically participate in marketing campaigns and sales outreach efforts to produce outstanding results.

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PM Advanced

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Britton Manasco

What do I do? Position you as a trusted authority so you can stand out and sell more. With Visible Impact, you can drive more demand and strengthen sales conversations. You'll have the insight-driven messaging you need to: Create urgency and clarify the case for change; Vividly and visually communicate business value; Provide guidance and accelerate buying decisions