Make Agile Work When it’s Offshore

Sticky notes, whiteboards, planning poker, pair programming, personal interaction. These are some of the core strengths of Agile. But in a globalized tech world, how do we leverage these strengths with teams that aren't on the same continent, let alone in the same room? This session will give some practical tips for applying Agile methodologies in a global development team. We'll look at both the unique challenges a global team faces, as well as the special advantages it can afford. This session will argue that offshore teams don't necessarily hinder Agile. They simply make it harder to skimp on its methodologies. For this reason, global teams have the potential to be some of the most effective programming teams in the business. Give me an hour and I'll show you how!

Session Category

Product Development

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Neysa King

Neysa King is the VP of STX Next, an agile Python shop with a proven track record of delivering successful products both in the US and Europe. She is located in Austin, Texas.