Maintaining an Innovative Organization Using the Creativity of Employees

Most successful companies are aware that their continuing success depends in large measure on their ability to remain on the forefront of business and technology advance – on the ability to recognize emerging trends, to appreciate the importance of these trends, and to take full advantage of them. Unfortunately, many companies fail to take advantage of the most valuable and important resources for achieving these goals, i.e., the imagination and creativeness of their employees. Even fewer companies have structured organizations and processes for encouraging the innovative attributes of their workers. This session provides organizations with suggestions for involving individuals in their efforts to remain innovative and provides participants with suggestions for bringing their ideas to their management in a manner that increases the probability of their being recognized and acted upon. The session is based in large measure on the MiniTrends Concept developed by the presenters and involves audience participation.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Dr. John Vanston

Dr. Vanston founded Technology Futures, Inc. in 1978, building the Austin-based company into an authority in research, forecasting, minitrends, and trend analysis. His MiniTrends concept, designed to increase creativity, innovation, and success, is summarized in his award-winning book, MINITRENDS: How Entrepreneurs & Innovators Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends, written with Carrie Vanston. He chairs TFI's MiniTrends Conference.