Lean Invention

The Lean Invention Method was developed empower inventors and collaborators to work together in rapid fire sequential process to design develop and validate an invention prior to any significant spend on intellectual property, marketing and production. Inventors are optimistic by nature and often are entrepreneurial as well. However, the skill set necessary to be a successful inventor are different from the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.Lean Invention encourages licensing to successful businesses and their established manufacturing, warehousing, sales networks, and channels and receive a licensing revenue. You will learn the 3 key components of Lean Invention:

  • First to Invent: Collaboration is key. How to prepare for the ideation process, legal considerations, design and creation of a physical prototype.
  • First to File: Learn about Provisional Patent Application, establish your free trademark and related social media identity.
  • First to Market: Validate your invention via crowd funding.

Session Category

Product Development

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Conley Giles

Conley is the developer of the Lean Invention Method and founder of the School of Invention. He is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor with 30 years of designing, developing and launching new products. As an inventor his products have been sold in thousands of retail stores. He has several patents and patents pending for a variety of products and processes.