Innovation Audit

The Innovation Audit workshop is a fully interactive exploration of how a business approaches product or service innovation. It’s purpose is to highlight opportunities for change or exploration. The 20 or so questions address key metrics and activities that help drive innovation success. The audience can respond to the questions as a group to establish an average result and 2 or 3 volunteers can answer the questions for their companies to help build some examples of individual business audits. No proprietary information is involved. Individuals with questions or interesting applications of key activities are also encouraged to share. This will not be a deep dive but should be fun and enlightening.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Drury Grigsby

Drury has owned his own construction business, led a B2B eBusiness portfolio team, driven operational excellence for multiple marketing & sales and product management teams, and coached global pricing excellence, value management, innovation, strategy development, and problem solving.