Innovating for Google Glasses

How can Austin Entrepreneurs and Product Managers prepare for and leverage the power of Google Glasses? Take away new ways to help solve real world problems. The objectives of this session are to: 1. Brain storm on ideas for use cases in consumer and enterprise applications for Glasses. 2. What are challenges that we expect to face as early innovators around Google Glasses? 3. Should we build and how best do we build a peer group in Austin around this new technology to foster future ideas, share learnings and help solve problems? Agenda: The session begins with an introduction to Google Glasses and then opens up to discussions. Hope to have you join and share your ideas!

Session Category

Opportunity Analysis

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Arjun Srinivasan

Arjun is interested in product innovation and has worked at multiple Silicon Valley start-ups. As early as 1999, Arjun has been involved with web and mobile product innovation with specialties in product strategy, product management, and business development. Arjun is an Austin resident who enjoys access to live music, global culture, and a supportive and thriving tech scene.