Incorporating the user: how to create and prioritize a list of stories from the user’s perspective.

According to a survey conducted by the Standish Group, 64% of implemented features are rarely or never used. While this statistic is alarming, the number one reason behind it - lack of user involvement is not quite as surprising. Given the common constraints of tight deadlines, demands to deliver everything at once, and not enough people to work on all of these features, it's really no surprise that the user of the product is forgotten. How can we prevent this from happening so that we can deliver features that are in the 36% statistic and hence delivering value to our customers? This interactive exercise will show you how to create and prioritize a list of user stories from the perspective of a user persona.

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Product Development

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PM Advanced

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Kirsten Maitland

Kirsten Maitland is an agile coach with over 11 years of experience helping large companies such as Microsoft, EMC, and Group Health transition from waterfall to agile.