How to Create Products That Don’t Suck

Most start-up companies begin with what they think is a brilliant idea and they immediately jump to building the product, and most of these products suck. Established companies sit around conference rooms staring at their navels, dreaming of the next great product and end up wondering why their products also suck. Creating innovative products that result in market breakthrough requires a process of multiple iterations of discovery that drive you deeper into understanding the market problems and how to solve them with a differentiated solution. Breakthrough products are based upon solving a significant Market Problem with a Product and Business Model that create a competitive advantage and a Market Strategy that motivates buyers to purchases your product. In this session, learn this iterative discovery process that leads to breakthrough products and how to apply it to your own products (in startups as well as big enterprises).

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Opportunity Analysis

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PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Tom Evans

Tom Evans is Principal at The Lûcrum Group and is an internationally recognized authority in product management, global marketing, business partnerships and entrepreneurship. In his extensive experience, he has helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products and has led business development efforts in the US and global markets.