How to be a Modern Marketeer – 7 Essential Survival Skills to Succeed in Marketing Today

Marketeer - rhymes with Rocketeer, Racketeer, Buccaneer, etc.  The role of Marketing in today's dynamic business environment has become paradoxically more generic yet specific. And the skills required of the Modern Marketeer is similar to that of a modern day Renaissance Man.  So, what should you know about Inbound Marketing that will save your company and your job? Or How comfortable should you be on various Data Analytics platforms? What should you know about SEO for your website or about understanding your on(off)line Customer Sentiment?  What skills do you need to thrive and succeed as a Marketeer today? And what skills should you be acquiring so you can still be relevant and useful just 36 months from now?  Attend this lively session to learn, discuss and debate these (at least) 7 essential skills that would help you succeed in being a terrific Modern Marketeer.

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C. K. Kumar

C. K. Kumar is a Marketing and Strategy professional who has spent the past 16 years in several technology and marketing roles in start-ups and large companies. When he is not working in the WW Business Management Group at AMD, he helps multiple start-ups on their marketing and business strategies. More at