How the Arts Apply to Product Management

The basic process of making art,  any kind of art: visual, performing, literary, new media is essentially a product life cycle. It begins with an idea, moves through a network of people and things to reach full expression, is experienced by an audience, and reflected upon by critics. It brings meaning to both the maker and the receiver. It can be sold, given away, or simply disappear into memory. This highly interactive workshop will explore the connections between the fine arts and product management in any field, through a series of short creative activities involving drawing, roleplay, and writing.  Discussions will focus on making connections between our creative selves, the products we manage, and the expectations of the customers we strive to satisfy.

Session Category

Product Development

Session Audience

PM Essentials

Session Leader(s)

Emily Ball Cicchini

Emily is product manager at the University of Texas at Austin's Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, most recently launching two Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the EdX consortium. She also writes award-winning scripts for radio, film, theater, and interactive media. With 20 years of management experience, she has organized dozens of professional development workshops nationwide.