Grandpa Cookie Pop vs Nancy Natural Chocolate Chip – Who Will Win the Go to Market Battle?

How do you go-to-market with your "chocolate chip cookie"? Join Elizabeth, Austin's Marketing Gunslinger, as we explore in a 45 minute dynamic session as we explore various marketing strategies to bring your chocolate chip cookie to market! It is the marketing battle of ProductCamp - Heavy Weight Champion Grandpa Cookie Pop and market champion versus the new market contender Nancy Natural Chocolate Chip. Those who attend Elizabeth's session will decide the victorious market champion as well as explore creative go-to-market strategies.

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PM Advanced

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Elizabeth Quintanilla

Positive, creative, people-oriented, performance-driven Marketing Gunslinger: a collaborator, consultant, and speaker with a focus on understanding the customer perspective. Consulting on a variety of topics: online technologies and strategies, social business, marketing (traditional, online, social, content, Go-To-Market), product marketing, and management. 

Broad-base experience in multiple industries including: aerospace, franchise, IT, software, and real estate.