Goldilocks Growth: How to Grow Just Right!

Goldilocks was looking for just the right bed in the home of the three bears. Do you have the same confusion about moving ahead — what's right for you? Do you have too many or not enough choices to grow your product into a business or your business into an enterprise? Are you confused about which way to grow given who you are and what you have to offer customers? Good questions. Let's talk issues and opportunities before you decide.

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Opportunity Analysis

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PM for Entrepreneurs

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Jan Triplett, Ph.D.

Jan Triplett, Ph.D., CEO of the Business Success Center, knows how to grow. She has grown businesses from 2 to 200 employees, local to international, and from less than $15OK to over $2 million. She is a frequent speaker for Product Camp and a mentor for SXSW and SXSW V2V. She blogs for and the Business Bank of Texas.