Getting to Product Marketing without an MBA

Are you an Engineer that craves to break out from your cube and be seen from behind from your monitor? Are you naturally outgoing, well-spoken and have great written and verbal communications skills? Do you feel like you really understand what those marketers say when they tell you what the customer wants? Can you handle grey areas with ease? You may just have the stuff of an amazing Product Manager to be. Or maybe you're not quite as we describe but want to know how to get there?  We are two individuals that made the transition from hard core engineering to Product Marketing without an MBA. If you want to find out the paths we took and how we became successful in our roles, come by and we'll tell you all the secrets on how to make it!

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Prod Mgmt Careers

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PM Essentials

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Donna Imam

Donna Imam is a Partner and Consultant at Inteleaf, a marketing and SW development firm that is focused on helping tech companies design products and solutions. Donna started out as an engineer moving into marketing with a desire to influence product development that solves customer challenges. With leading roles in start-ups and large-global companies she has millions of products shipped.