Getting Away for Internal Thinking

In internal meetings, and ongoing business-as-usual it is very easy to forget the basics. Do you understand your target market? Do you know what interests the target market.? Bottom line, they are people with families, aspirations, motivations and families. What do they worry about that will motivate them to purchase your product? It's tough to find this out, but there are methods. If you talk to sales guys, they will invariably tell you requirements relating to the last deal they lost. They are inherently myopic - not their fault, just the nature of the beast. You can ask them about requirements one week, then ask again a week later, and the answer is different. This talk focuses on methods to really understand your prospects and customers. It is not easy, but it works.

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PM for Entrepreneurs

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Kate Brew

Kate Brew is CEO of SecurityBrew LLC, doing security product marketing. Kate has over 30 years of experience in product management, product marketing and associated disciplines. Need panelists for this topic - suggest experienced product managers.