Ducks & Skirts: 2 Families owning the American mind!

Skirts vs Ducks - what Marketers need to learn from Kardashians & Duck Dynasty Whether you like style or rolling in the dirt .. there is an American family that you can't escape from! Most of us just don't get it. How can these 2 families be worth more than my entire startup. How did they get there? What is so "it" and can it be replicated so that I can turndown a Facebook acquisition? Join Austin's Marketing Gunslinger as Elizabeth walks through the Duck Dynasty-Kardashian case study and learn how actually use a Marketing Framework to go from (not quite zero) to business superhero. This will be a fun, interactive, and informative presentation. Prepare to laugh, sigh, and learn a bit of marketing from the Ducks and Kardashians.

Session Category

Marketing Execution

Session Audience

PM for Entrepreneurs

Session Leader(s)

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Elizabeth is a positive, people-oriented, Marketing Gunslinger, consultant, & speaker with a focus on understanding the customer perspective. She consults on: marketing, messaging, channel strategies, understanding the impact of emerging business trends, web technologies and strategies, social, and product.  Clients regularly hire her cranial noodle act as a virtual CMO, streamline marketing operations, and as a speaker. On Twitter: @equintanilla