Building Consensus (maybe?) with Collaborative Stack-ranking, and This Other Weird Old Trick

I hope to redeem myself from that click-bait title with a detailed discussion of a legitimate "trick" I recently used with a wide variety of stakeholders. I'll talk about the practical techniques and tools of a "collaborative stack-ranking session", and attendees with a laptop will be able to experience one first hand. This technique not only gave me great information that I might not have had otherwise (having a material impact on our roadmaps), but also surprisingly built consensus among a wide group of departments and actually caused our business unit to fuse around a single set of priorities. Time permitting (and it will), we'll get into the "5 Dollar Game", another trick for challenging your assumptions as a PM while also building consensus and involving others. Expect lots of discussion. I'm not bringing my bag that has all the answers, so there will be opportunity for you to help.

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Product Strategy

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PM Essentials

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Glen Ford

Now a private consultant on topics like product management, gamification, digital communities, social media, SaaS, and the relative merits of various cocktails, Glen has been actively working in the world of the Internet since 1995. His most recent day job was 7 years spent with Pluck doing white-label social media for big brands like Target, Walgreens, Autozone, Mattel, etc.