Beware, customers don’t mean what they say!

If you're a product manager trying to define products that your customers will rave about you are probably talking to your customers a lot. Do you ever wonder if your customer really needs the features they say they want and must have? Do you wonder if they'll actually pay for these features? Do you live in fear that your competitor will get away with much less?   In this class we will learn and discuss techniques to interview customers effectively and triangulate with different types of research to help you discern what features a winning solution must have.

Session Category

Product Strategy

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Donna Imam

Donna Imam is a Partner and Consultant at Inteleaf, a marketing and SW development firm focused on helping tech companies design and develop products and solutions. With leading roles in start-ups and large-global companies and millions of products shipped, she discovered that many companies are tech innovation driven and instead guides them to understand customer challenges and provide tech solutions.