Badass UX: 10 tips for Getting the Best from Your UX Designer

A user experience is only as good as the work that goes into it, which is why you've hired an expert. But the quality of their outcomes are contingent on a long list of levers that you - the product manager - control. As the principal UX architect at Slide UX, Erin has worked with hundreds of designers and dozens of product managers. Her team has identified all the traits - both good and bad - that help and hinder the design process. Leave this session equipped to apply 10 simple, powerful improvements to the way you work with designers. Your users will thank you.

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Product Development

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PM Essentials

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Erin Young

As the founder and principal UX architect at Slide UX, Erin revels in the ominous cloud of ambiguity at the start of a complex interactive project. She and her team will dive in, master the subject matter, and provide a tangible, strategic, and user-centered path forward.