App Development for the Programming-Challenged

"If only there were a way I could *show* them..." Entrepreneurs and inventors often need physical models or props of their product to successfully spread their vision. (Sadly, many people (especially investor-types?) can't visualize a product without such a prompt as a starting place. ) This Town Hall will outline some tools, methods, and techniques to build compelling product models/prototypes, and then we'll all discuss together what can work where. There are no rules here! Low-tech "Hobby Lobby" approaches can be just as effective as cutting edge and high-tech 3D CAD models and rapid prototype "3D printing" at this stage. Actual models that have or are securing funding for high tech products here in Austin will be on hand as examples. Learn how to let your vision catch fire in the minds of others! This Townhall is led by Dub Dublin, serial entrepreneur, CTO, and Product Development consultant.

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Opportunity Analysis

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PM for Entrepreneurs

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Dub Dublin

Dub Dublin is an Austin-native serial entrepreneur, inventor, and CTO who has led innovative design and development of many software, embedded hardware, and mechanical products across a number of industries and markets : From airplane-building robots to tabletop restaurant touchscreens, and medical devices to entirely new kinds of wireless mesh networks.