A Sober Approach to Social Media

Craig Andrews of allies4me will be talking about social media’s place in the marketing mix, citing new data and information he’s gathered in the last six months. Some highlights from his proposed session include:

  • Why social media is popular and why people are investing in it
  • How self-proclaimed social media experts are controlling the perception in the industry
  • Hard data that blows holes in some of the perceptions of social media
  • How marketers can make informed decisions and investments in social media proportionate to the number of customers it delivers

Session Category

Marketing Execution

Session Audience

PM Advanced

Session Leader(s)

Craig Andrews

Craig Andrews is the founder of digital and internet marketing agency allies4me. In recent years, clients have been seeking guidance from allies4me on Social Media strategies. Rather than jumping on the latest hype, allies4me sought to understand Social Media though solid metrics across large data sets. The result is an unconventional and insightful approach to Social Media.