9 Levels of Enterprise Work Hell: A Journey Through the Enterprise Underworld

BEWARE! The images you will see and the truths you will discuss are disturbing. The nine circles of work hell are real. I found that out the hard way when I was unsuspectingly plucked from reality and thrust into a nightmare or my own making--a nightmare where work was exposed for what it really is: Hell. We all experience work hell every day, but we've been conditioned to think thats just how work has to be--riddled with incomplete data, inefficient process, pushed deadlines, and exceeded budgets. The horrors of my work hell nightmare still haunt me, so I'm trying to help others escape. This is a discussion of our own work hell experiences and our ideas for escaping them.

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Marketing Execution

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PM Essentials

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Byron Workman

A longtime friend of the Product Camp Austin community. Byron has been around many, many teams doing product management, product marketing, marketing, project management, and portfolio management. He currently works at AtTask. He likes long walks along the beach, listening to you talk about your day, and adorable puppies.