PCA 21 Sessions


Proposed Sessions for ProductCamp Austin 21

(V) = selected and presented sessions.  #7 (Thomas Umstattd Jr.) was selected as the Best Session.
(S) = slides available in description (click on title).

Category Title Audience Session  Session Leader
Prod Mgmt Careers 1 – Recession-Proof Your Career   (V) PM Essentials Presentation Thom Singer
Product Development 2 – Design/Test/Launch – Design Thinking and the Art of Product Management  (V) PM Essentials Workshop Dave Angelow
Product Strategy 3 – Post revenue in 6 months with 6 people, in an enterprise b2b tech startup  (V)  (S) PM for Entrepreneurs Town Hall Omar Paul
Product Development 4 – Microservices, Serverless, Blockchain… Oh My!   (V) PM Essentials Presentation Drew Bixby
Prod Mgmt Careers 5 – How Product Managers Become Powerful  (V) PM Advanced Presentation Donna Imam
Prod Mgmt Careers 7 – The Art of Persuasion  (V) BEST SESSION PM Essentials Presentation Thomas Umstattd Jr.
Product Development 8 – Digital Product Prototyping PM for Entrepreneurs Workshop Elijah Wood
Product Strategy 9 – AI Readiness Workshop PM Advanced Workshop Douglas Ferguson
Customer Experience 10 – The Top 6 lessons I learned about Product Management while running Customer Support teams! PM Advanced Presentation Ben Messner
Go-to-Market 11 – Grassroots and Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign Strategies  (V) PM for Entrepreneurs Workshop Anna Westbrook
Product Development 12 – Taming Cross-Functional Chaos in Product Development with Empathy  (V) PM Advanced Workshop Holly Ann Custard / Nelson Almanzar
Go-to-Market 13 – Sales vs. Marketing PM for Entrepreneurs Town Hall Jan Triplett PhD, CEO Business Success Center
Prod Mgmt Careers 15 – Improv and Building Team Dynamics for Product Managers PM Essentials Workshop Samantha Schak
Go-to-Market 17 – Marketing Myth Busting – 9 common marketing myths and the truth behind them  (V) PM Essentials Case Study CK Kumar
Product Development 18 – What Engineers Love About Great Product Managers  (V)  (S) PM Advanced Presentation Dan Corbin
Prod Mgmt Careers 19 – Stories of Imperfection – Curated Stories of Product Management Heroics in Anti-PM Environments PM for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Breakout Isaiah McPeak
Product Strategy 20 – Technology: To the Victor Go the Spoils PM for Entrepreneurs Presentation Bill Kleinebecker
Go-to-Market 21 – Why Your Product Doesn’t Sell (from a Product Manager turned Salesperson)  (V)  (S) PM Advanced Presentation Paul Young
Prod Mgmt Careers 22 – The Tao of No  (V) PM Essentials Workshop Kathleen Ryner
Entrepreneurship 23 – Increasing Your Cashflow PM for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Breakout Kimani Frank
Product Strategy 25 – Take Your Product Problems for a Loop PM Essentials Workshop Sunil Chitre
Product Strategy 26 – Determining Your Next Move to Achieve Product-Market Fit  (V)  (S) PM for Entrepreneurs Town Hall Rajesh Nerlikar
Prod Mgmt Careers 28 – 50 Shades of Product Management  (V)  (S) PM Essentials Presentation Mike Trujillo
Product Strategy 29 – Superstar Product Leaders Don’t Prioritize with Spreadsheets  (V) PM Advanced Presentation Roger L. Cauvin
Prod Mgmt Careers 30 – The Employment Puzzle – How to Control Your Job Search and Thrive in a Gig Economy  (V) PM Essentials Presentation Chip Sampson
Prod Mgmt Careers 31 – Agile for Managers – An Inquiry  (V) PM Advanced Workshop Ned Horvath
Go-to-Market 32 – An American in Paris: Global GTM Faux Paus  (V) PM Advanced Presentation Summer Daoud
Product Strategy 33 – Product pricing considerations  (V) PM Essentials Presentation Jay Kruemcke
Marketing Execution 35 – What Do You Really Sell? PM Essentials Workshop Jose A Briones
Prod Mgmt Careers 36 – How to Survive Your First Year as a PM  (V) PM Essentials Presentation Adam Tao
Product Development 37 – Product validation case study: A step by step walkthrough of taking a concept from ideation to market. PM for Entrepreneurs Case Study Alexander Charles Boase
Go-to-Market 38 – Can You Trust A Sales Rep With Your Product? PM Essentials Town Hall Neha Shah
Product Development 40 – The Achilles’ Heel of Agile Teams Value  (V) PM Essentials Presentation Daniel Walsh
Go-to-Market 41 – Using a Customer Value Journey to Create a Moment of Magic that Skyrockets Sales  (V) PM Advanced Workshop Craig Andrews
Customer Experience 42 – Adapting Design Sprints: Insights From My Days At Google PM Advanced Workshop AJ Davis
Go-to-Market 43 – Is your marketing as agile as your development?  (V) PM Essentials Case Study Lani Dame
Product Development 44 – Behind the Scenes of Software Development PM Essentials Presentation Roman Yakhymets
Entrepreneurship 45 – Live Healthily, Drop Dead – How Health Makes Your Product Management Career PM for Entrepreneurs Presentation Simon Silverleaf
Product Development 46 – Faster, Better, Cheaper with Situational Awareness PM Essentials Case Study Ron Beilinson
Marketing Execution 47 – 8 Mistakes Killing Your SEO (and How to Fix Them)  (V) PM Essentials Town Hall Amanda Powell
Market Analysis 48 – Design Thinking for Work and Play  (V)  (S) PM Essentials Presentation Karen Kelvie

1 – Recession-Proof Your Career

If a recession is coming (and many experts predict it will arrive sooner than later), then people need to be preparing now. To wait to take specific actions until after an economic downturn on the scale of 2008 will leave many people scrambling. The path to navigating any economic situation is found in three buckets: Passion, Plans, and People. You need to dig your well before you are thirsty if you want to be prepared for what could be ahead. This interactive presentation will get each audience member to look at their personal situation and think about real things they can do that day to impact their careers in case of economic turbulence.

Presenter: Thom Singer
After a successful career in sales and marketing, Thom Singer began his career as a speaker and trainer in 2009. Since that time he has spoken to over 700 audiences. He has written 12 books and is the host of the popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast.

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2 – Design/Test/Launch – Design Thinking and the Art of Product Management

Design Thinking is hot! In this session we’ll get hands-on with design thinking tools and frameworks. We’ll explore empathy, human-centered design, and go beyond simply empathy and discuss how Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Lean Start-up are used together. Design Thinking is one of many tools a product manager uses to create great new products, yet it takes more than Design Thinking to launch a product. We’ll have a few hands-on exercises to experience the empathic inquiry. We’ll extend and explore concepts to understand how to use design sprints to develop/test via prototypes. We’ll conclude by discussing how to lean start-up methods can be used to build and launch a product. Bring your ideas and questions, this session will help you get insights and feedback from other participants!

Presenter: Dave Angelow
Dave is an innovation, strategy and product development expert. His focus is helping firms with envisioning, developing and launching products. He is passionate about good product design. Dave has worked with Apple, Dell, Verizon as well as start-ups on improving product development processes. He is also an adjunct professor with Texas State and assists the innovation agency VoltageControl.

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3 – Post revenue in 6 months with 6 people, in an enterprise b2b tech startup  (Slides)

I took Zilkr’s product line post revenue in 6 months, with 6 people. The product sold to telcos (not the fastest thinking fellows) and was cutting-edge (read value gen. not cost savings). Despite this, our enterprise b2b middleware had trial #1 in 4 months, $$ in 6 and a global Tier1 carrier in 9. I’ll share the our product strategy, biz model, choices, reasons, et al. that took us through month 9…and we’ll spend some solid time discussing & dissecting it all.

Presenter: Omar Paul
Omar Paul has 20 yrs in Comms tech. Prior to starting & running Zilkr, as Shango’s VP Product, he owned product strategy & mgmt. Before that, as VP, IP Services at Rimhub, he developed their IP Comms practice – consulting with telcos on GTM and Product. Prior to that, Omar spent 10 years in Engg & Product at BroadSoft (Nasdaq:BSFT).

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4 – Microservices, Serverless, Blockchain… Oh My!

You are Dorothy and your developers are urging you to the Emerald City of technology, but you must pass through the dark forest of microservices, containers, serverless, blockchain, and other cloud technologies. Some of these will change the way to write stories or think about your product – and profitability. So, it is important to understand them from a high level. This will not get too technical. In Agile fashion, I modified the approach based on feedback. We will dissect and compare them. I’m also using a presentation tool to make these complex technologies come to life with clarity. There will be room for questions and discussion. I can even address questions on other cloud services. It’s important you understand these technologies because they influence how you manage stories and priorities. Bonus: you will understand what your developers are excited about – and why. We are not in Kansas anymore.

Presenter: Drew Bixby
Drew Bixby is a Senior Director of Operations & Product with 20+ years experience wearing many hats, from finance (former CPA) to entrepreneur (built & sold a company) to developer (self-taught) to Director of Product on large enterprise products yet, he is always asking “why” and seeking to learn more.

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5 – How Product Managers Become Powerful

Effective product management is about influence, but how do you lead and inspire in this dynamically changing product landscape? I’ll reveal the top 5 ways product managers become powerful in today’s economy.

Presenter: Donna Imam
Donna Imam leads Austin, TX based firm Inteleaf specializing in b2b emerging technology product research, conceptualization, strategy, marketing and custom experience design.

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7 – The Art of Persuasion

Successful product managers know the key to success is the ability to successfully persuade team members, clients, management, customers, and vendors. Failure to persuade often leads to failure of the product. In this entertaining talk, 2018 Best Session Runner-Up, Thomas Umstattd Jr. shares the latest scientific research on how to be more persuasive in every aspect of your life.

Presenter: Thomas Umstattd Jr.
Thomas Umstattd is the CEO of Author Media. He travels the work speaking at events that help creative people become famous and rich. Thousands of creators have attended his popular workshops, breakout sessions, and online events.

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8 – Digital Product Prototyping

You will learn a step-by-step process for prototyping digital products. In this workshop, you will learn how to make a mobile app prototype by drawing screens in Sketch, linking hotspots using Craft, and syncing your project to InVision to test with potential users. This is meant for anyone with an interest in learning to prototype mobile apps. Designers will benefit from getting hands-on time to work on prototypes. Product managers can be exposed to the tools that their team members are often using. Participants should bring a Mac laptop with both Sketch and Craft installed and a free InVision account setup. Additionally, your favorite pen and sketchbook are highly recommended because we will begin the workshop by sharing some effective sketching strategies.

Presenter: Elijah Wood
Eli is a prototype designer and facilitator at Voltage Control, a bespoke workshop agency. Currently, he focuses on designing prototypes to help companies incorporate human-centered design practices in rapid prototyping. Eli also founded and operates Reagent Design, a design agency focused on rapid prototyping and software product design.

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9 – AI Readiness Workshop

From AI Thinking to AI Doing: A strategy workshop designed for product and business leaders. While many companies are AI curious, fewer are implementing artificial intelligence into their business model and process. The fast movers are seeing results and developing an edge on the competition. Most digital and technology leaders need a strategy. They are unsure how to apply artificial intelligence as a competitive advantage. This workshop walks you through Voltage Control’s AI Readiness Canvas which is a tool for mapping business problems to potential AI solutions.

Presenter: Douglas Ferguson
Douglas is president of Voltage Control, an Austin-based workshop agency that specializes in Design Sprints and innovation workshops. Prior to Voltage Control, Douglas held CTO positions at numerous Austin startups where he led product and engineering teams. Douglas is active in the Austin startup community where he serves on the board of several non-profits, mentors startups, and advises early-stage ventures.

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10 – The Top 6 lessons I learned about Product Management while running Customer Support teams!

I thought I knew most everything about product management…that is until I took over the technical support team for a consumer apps company. I quickly learned that customers don’t give a damn about product development theory, and they are a treasure trove of free and realtime feedback.The valuable lessons learned on the front lines made me a better PM, and in this presentation I am now sharing those insights with you. Here is a snapshot of what we will cover: *How to gain valuable (and free) customer feedback for bug fixing and feature upgrades *The role of empathy on a PM team *Customers don’t give a *&?@ about your Product Development Cycle *Allowing Customer Support to champion the customer My goal is to convince every product company that customer support should have a full time seat on the product team!

Presenter: Ben Messner
Ben is based in Austin but a transplant from NYC. He believes he adds the most value when helping organizations scale by improving strategy, building capacity, and shaping culture. His current work focuses on bringing innovative products to market for small to mid-sized companies, and providing team solutions based on StrengthsFinder insights.

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11 – Grassroots and Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign Strategies

The amount of money you have in your marketing budget does not matter as much as the intentionality with which you spend it. You can fill in gaps in your budget with a few new exercises and leadership strategies. You need to curate your word-of-mouth marketing strategies with the skill and care that large-budget companies use with their online campaigns. At the grassroots, start-up, low-budget level, you don’t just need to make every dollar count. You need to see every minute of your time as an investment and help every team member understand their direct relationship to product sales. In this one of a kind workshop, you will learn specific action steps and proven-strategies from multiple industries that you can leverage within your unique sales vision.

Presenter: Anna Westbrook
Anna Westbrook is the CEO of Isabel & the Runaway Train, the grassroots project that took Austin by storm in July of 2018. She leveraged her experience in sales, recruitment, curriculum writing and product management to create a unique marketing plan that overcame countless obstacles, including limited funding and relative anonymity within a dying industry. Want to learn how?

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12 – Taming Cross-Functional Chaos in Product Development with Empathy

In product development it can be difficult to find common ground working across internal cross-functional teams, and external vendors, who have diverse needs and perspectives. With tight timelines and high expectations, it’s easy to tune out from others, which fuels assumptions, misunderstandings, and wasted time. Honing and practicing skills of empathy and communication helps bring positive change. Our workshop will first explore the basic characteristics of empathy and how teams can get misaligned with opposing views. Then, in small interactive groups, using Liberating Structures methods, we will immerse ourselves into a mindset of compassion and inclusion. You will walk away with specific ideas and techniques to use with your own team to help break through conflict and unleash innovation. Practice these skills in the workplace, and even social scenarios, and you’ll create habits that lead to new perspectives, greater consensus, and creative ideas.

Presenter: Holly Ann Custard
With a vision of social progress and equity through education, Holly has committed over 20 years of her academic and professional career to educational media and technology, and online learning across non-profit, university, and corporate settings. As co-host of EmpathyPodcast.com, she believes that empathy, compassion, and humility are key to personal and professional success, and team cohesion across all fields.

Presenter: Nelson Almanzar
With more than 18 years of design experience, specializing in human-centered design, and, as co-host of EmpathyPodcast.com, Nelson is passionate about user experience, team optimization, and the positive impact of empathy in product development. Nelson is Co-Founder and Product Strategist for Talos Digital, earned his B.F.A at Parsons School of Design, and was born and raised in New York City.

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13 – Sales vs. Marketing

You’re invited to participate in the fight of any century in any company of any size. What’s more important sales or marketing? Who should drive what actions are taken? Where should the money go? Who should be in control? Come and fight for what you think is the right choice. If you are a solo entrepreneur, you still have to make this decision with your limited resources.

Presenter: Jan Triplett PhD, CEO Business Success Center
Jan Triplett, Ph.D., author of Thinking Big, Staying Small & Networker’s Guide to Success, prepares owners and their business for success. Her company opens doors for her clients who have a passion for what they do and want a successful business model that lets them. She is a favorite ProductCamp speaker. Her interactive sessions always encourage participant interaction.

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15 – Improv and Building Team Dynamics for Product Managers

Need an inventive to kick off projects with your team? Looking for a way to break the ice with new clients? Are your retros feeling forced or flat? Does your team need a pick-me-up? If you think improv only belongs onstage or Who’s Line Is It Anyway, think again. You’ll get a crash course into the basics of improv from Sam Schak of Handsome. We’ll go over how you can break out of your own shell to embrace risk, reframe failure, and build trust with your team. The skills and tips will help you in leading internal meetings, presentations (both remote and in person), and basically anywhere else you interact with another human. By the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a handful of exercises and games to take back to your team (and purpose for each one).

Presenter: Samantha Schak
Samantha has been a project manager and improv performer/teacher for 7 years. She is currently at Handsome, leading intimate, small teams who work directly in the room with clients to craft beautiful solutions that address all business goals. She empowers her team to articulate their unique perspective for a genuine and authentic collaborative process.

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17 – Marketing Myth Busting – 9 common marketing myths and the truth behind them

Is Marketing the world’s third oldest profession? It almost feels like it is. Marketing is this strange but potent mix of science and art. And not surprisingly, it is filled with as much best practices as myths. As product and marketing professionals, we should be aware of what real marketing is, what these myths are, and how to tell them apart. This interactive, entertaining session tries to capture some of the common marketing myths and reveals the true nature behind those maxims. It goes a step further to provide a marketing myth busting framework to assess whether or not a marketing initiative is myth. This is a highly case-driven, contentious session. Bring an open mind, a thick skin and, perhaps, your favorite marketing myth and let’s put it to the test.

Presenter: CK Kumar
C. K. Kumar is a Marketing and Strategy professional who has spent the past 20 years in several technology and marketing roles in startups and large companies. He is passionate about marketing, entrepreneurs and in his spare time, he helps multiple start-ups in their marketing and business strategy. He is currently with the Server Product Marketing at Dell EMC.

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18 – What Engineers Love About Great Product Managers  (Slides)

A healthy relationship between Product Management and Engineering is key to launching great products. It’s also critical in creating high-functioning teams and a culture where talented people want to work. However, building that healthy relationship is not easy to do! This presentation for any Product Manager that has ever struggled to connect with their engineers. We’ll discuss specific and proven ways you can build a healthy and productive working relationship with your engineering team. There are things that most engineers absolutely hate and if you apply what you learn from this session, your engineers will be sure to love having you as their Product Manager!

Presenter: Dan Corbin
Dan Corbin is the Sr. Director of Product Management at Return Path and Instructor of Product Management General Assembly. He’s a Certified Scrum Professional with almost 20 years of product development experience. Dan is also the co-organizer of The Product League and the Agile Austin Product SIG meetups, as well as an instructor at Agile Austin U.

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19 – Stories of Imperfection: Curated Stories of Product Management Heroics in Anti-PM Environments

Just like the classroom, product leadership has an “ideal state” that we all go and adapt to our “real jobs”, politics, bureaucracy, lack of budget, already in flight, out of runway. In this session we find, share, and discuss the imperfect successes, against all odds. Let’s not question or problem-solve the decision making of individuals involved; instead let’s hear their real decisions in the spirit of what happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way. How it’ll work: > Roundtable Discussions + Reporting Back > I’ll throw out one of the PM topics (e.g. Crossing the Chasm, Roadmaps, Personas, and so on) > Let’s assume we kind of know the ideal for how things SHOULD go > Your table will swap tales of succeeding in less than ideal circumstances > Tables report back great stories > Next topic…

Presenter: Isaiah McPeak
Isaiah McPeak has consulted over 500 executives in companies ranging from mom and pop to the global heads of all product management at a Fortune 5 company. As an entrepreneur, built tech products from kitchen-table-sketch concept to paid product three times. He believes resourcefulness is the key trait needed in Product Management and Marketing in early-stage companies.

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20 – Technology: To the Victor Go the Spoils

This session is to be about the major IT technologies that will be rolling out in the next few years that will make for a new epoch of how organizations re-structure themselves. The buzz words you hear now are: IoT, AI/ML/Robotics, and Immersive I/O but there are more technologies that will emerge as the competition heats up. We are seeing new changes in society caused by these technological capabilities, the poster child being the Autonomous Car. Lastly, I would cover the “So What” of all this. It would identify SDLC process adaptations, organizational restructuring, and new business model opportunities.

Presenter: Bill Kleinebecker
Bill has been a technology midwife helping to bring advanced technology into the market at IBM, Technology Futures, HBMG, Health Symmetric, and Strategic Pathways across a wide range of technologies. He has been active in the Austin network scene over the past 20 years as program chair of the Austin Software Council and Technology Advisors Group.

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21 – Why Your Product Doesn’t Sell (from a Product Manager turned Salesperson)  (Slides)

You have a great project, you’re demonstrably better than the competition, you have a clear message and go-to-market strategy…but something STILL isn’t working! In this session, ProductCamp Austin founder Paul Young offers a new take on why your product isn’t meeting its sales goals, informed by his journey from product manager to enterprise sales. Learn to diagnose the state of your sales team, and how to lead them into a new era of sales powered by market knowledge.

Presenter: Paul Young
Paul Young is a marketing and product management leader, instructor for Pragmatic Marketing, and founder of ProductCamp Austin. Over the past two decades he has built and led teams in software, SaaS, services, and hardware in startups and established companies in Austin and California.

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22 – The Tao of No

Building and maintaining successful products requires focusing on the right features at the right time. Focusing means saying “no.” A lot. Most of us struggle to say “no” effectively – clearly and unambiguously without burning bridges. In this working session, we’ll practice specific techniques for saying “no” while maintaining strong working relationships.

Presenter: Kathleen Ryner
Kathleen Ryner has over 20 years of experience in software product design, development, management and marketing. She currently leads a team of business analysts for Conduent, the world’s largest provider of business process services.

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23 – Increasing Your Cashflow

Do you want to increase your cash flow both in your business and in your personal life? My speaking topics will show you how to: Increase your cash flow in your business and personal life; Stop wasting time on the learning curve of entrepreneurship; Generate more passive streams of income; Secure financing for your startup or expansion; Develop healthy financial habits; Grow your business and take it to the next level; Succeed in small business entrepreneurship; Gain tax free wealth; Set and achieve personal and business financial goals; Manage your financials

Presenter: Kimani Frank
With 10+years of climbing the corporate ladder at companies like Apple, Frank founded Nurtured Mindset, a nonprofit organization geared at helping make financial freedom an attainable goal. Later, Frank recognized a need in the community to coach entrepreneurs and launched Visions Capital Group, a consulting firm that helps businesses create strategic business plans, grow the business, and help manage financials.

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25 – Take Your Product Problems for a Loop

Something not quite right with your product under development? Is your career stalled with no clear path forward? Change is happening at a faster pace now than it was even a decade ago, creating a lot of instability in life that we’re not well equipped to handle with the linear thinking most of us were taught. This workshop will introduce a technique called Looping you can us to clarify the problem, create a small project to move your forward, and connect to the larger community for its insights. Finally, you’ll consider what you’ve learned from the Loop and how it can inform the next Loop. After introducing the fundamentals we’ll finish up with as many Loops as we can fit in the remaining time using attendee’s real-world situations as examples.

Presenter: Sunil Chitre
Sunil is starting the entrepreneur’s journey, taking his skill set to a new, unfamiliar industry with high capital costs and a high cost of failure. Working to define a product concept that will make sense to customers, Sunil found a technique that helps with the process. He’d like to share that with this community.

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26 – Determining Your Next Move to Achieve Product-Market Fit   (Slides)

How do you know if you’ve achieved product-market fit? In this session, we’ll use a visual framework to help you determine how close you are to product-market fit and use that to identify the specific next steps you could take. Then we’ll open it up for discussion, and if anyone’s brave enough to do a self-assessment on their own product using a Google Sheet template, we can discuss that as well.

Presenter: Rajesh Nerlikar
Rajesh is a startup product advisor who shares product management best practices from 12 years in the role, including experience from 3 startup acquisitions. He helps companies craft a compelling vision and strategy to realize it, incorporate behavioral science into their experience, prioritize the right things, define their product development process, conduct customer discovery interviews and hire rockstar product people.

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28 – 50 Shades of Product Management  (Slides)    (Video)

This presentation is about the kinky world of Product Management (also known as P&M). You will be introduced to the sadists (also known as employers) who like to create PM roles and job descriptions that are nearly impossible to fit. You will also be introduced to the masochist (the Product Manager) who has to contort skills and background to fit into these roles. In other words, we will explore how employers view PM roles differently – and learn the how you can break in, and how to adapt to be successful. The safe word for this presentation is Agile.

Presenter: Mike Trujillo
Mike Trujillo has held numerous jobs throughout his career. His specialty is Product Management and helping businesses to build and grow new teams. Starting in the eighth grade, he was recognized by his customers and was awarded Paperboy of the Month by the local newspaper (really). He’s been working hard providing outstanding products and services to his customers ever since.

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29 – Superstar Product Leaders Don’t Prioritize with Spreadsheets

How does your team prioritize its product roadmap and backlog? We’ve all all seen, thought about it, or created it: The Spreadsheet to solve all our product prioritizing challenges. In this session, we’ll cover: 1. The three reasons spreadsheets and “scorecards” suck for prioritizing product roadmaps and backlogs. 2. How prioritization is a true test of product leadership. 3. The “GPS” that superstar product leaders and teams use to guide their product decisions and priorities. Let’s create a situation where everyone on the team agrees on the priorities.

Presenter: Roger L. Cauvin
By empowering teams to make smart product decisions, Roger creates products that transform people’s lives. He is Director of Products at FourLeaf LLC, which provides companies the best performing audiences for their marketing campaigns. Roger is a past winner of the “best session” award at ProductCamp Austin.

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30 – The Employment Puzzle – How to Control Your Job Search and Thrive in a Gig Economy  (Slides)

How would like to be in complete control of your job search? Being in control means you know the job you want, the companies you want to work for, and how to make them want to talk to you. How would you like to end each interview with the employer selling you on the job rather than you selling them on yourself? If that sounds appealing then you will want to learn how to put ALL the pieces of a job search together to solve the employment puzzle before you even apply for your first job. You will learn about effective networking, gain a deeper understanding of your skills and determine how they translate into the value that an employer is seeking. Following this presentation, you will have the tools and approach necessary for you to be in control and land that ideal job.

Presenter: Chip Sampson
With 20 years of experience in Professional Services and Project Team placement, Chip has developed long term business relationships with numerous employers in Texas and beyond. He currently serves on Austin Community College’s CE Advisory Board and Board of Directors for AustinUp and designed “The Employment Puzzle” program to help job seekers implement a systematic approach based upon networking.

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31 – Agile for Managers – An Inquiry

HBR has proclaimed that Agile / Lean may be the way all companies will be run in the future. But agile literature focuses on the customer and the front line workers, and has little to say about management. What do managers manage in a lean organization? What is their compass for making decisions? Where has management gone wrong in the past? How do we accomplish the changes needed? How can you be part of the solution, get out in front of the trend rather than be overwhelmed by it? We don’t have all the answers, we don’t even have all the questions, but we’ll share what we have and invite you to share your concerns and experiences.

Presenter: Ned Horvath
Technical leader with proven ability to deliver quality results. Agile/Lean consultant to organizations large and small. Extensive success growing, re-engineering, and managing internationally distributed teams and introducing effective, lightweight processes. Specialties: Agile/Lean, Scrum/Kanban, TDD/ATDD/Refactoring, Java/Python, Communications, Architecture

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32 – An American in Paris: Global GTM Faux Paus

So often US-based product teams equate Europe localization to translating the product and assets, converting rate cards, then coming over for a week for training. When the product doesn’t sell, we’re quick to blame “them” for their excess bank holidays and smoke breaks. Sound familiar? To break the cycle, our EMEA GM relocated me to our London, Paris and Munich offices for the better part of a year. My charter was clear: Make our new portfolio stick in Europe. To do so, I had to give up my role at our Austin HQ and embrace being an honorary Euro. Fresh off my return flight, I have a new understanding of what it takes to adapt a product globally. I’ll share market learnings, internal challenges, and of course, cultural mishaps. Will throw in a few pro-tips to land a “semester abroad” with your org.

Presenter: Summer Daoud
Summer is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Bazaarvoice, the industry leader in consumer-generated content. Prior to joining Bazaarvoice in 2013, she spent 3 years at Walmart managing social media strategy. She has an MBA from UT Austin and BS from UC Davis.

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33 – Product pricing considerations

Pricing your product correctly is key to product success. Unfortunately most people hate working on pricing because it is risky and tedious. This session will discuss some of the things you should consider when pricing a new product or evaluating the price of an existing product. Check out the draft presentation https://www.slideshare.net/chromeaix/product-product-pricing-considerations

Presenter: Jay Kruemcke
Jay Kruemcke Jay has built an extensive career in product management including using social media for client collaboration, product positioning, driving future product directions, and evangelizing the capabilities and future directions for dozens of enterprise products.

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35 – What Do You Really Sell?

What does McDonalds or 7-Eleven sell? 95% of the people who answer this question will answer it wrong. Key to be successful at selling is a true understanding of what exactly is being sold, or in better terms, why would the customer buy your offering vs. your competitor. This seminar/workshop is targeted to any person whose job is to sell a product or service. Several examples and cases will be discussed to help a salesperson or business developer change their mindset and approach to selling and increase their selling success rate. This will be accomplished by achieving a higher degree of understanding of the market and customer needs and properly focus their efforts in the aspects of the selling process that matters most.

Presenter: Jose A Briones
Dr. Jose A. Briones is an innovator, market and business developer, futurist and idea generator. Jose has 20 years of commercial and technical experience in the manufacturing and technology industries, holding positions in the areas of marketing, innovation, sales, engineering and R&D with Fortune 300 companies, custom manufacturing operations and software companies. Jose has been the leader in the launch and commercialization of over 40 new products in the fields of chemicals, materials, smartphone apps and cloud software. His experience includes product introductions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America and has been named as inventor in 7 different product and process patents.

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36 – How to Survive Your First Year as a PM

Join Adam and Leslie as they discuss how to have courage in your convictions as a first year PM; and how to be courageous before you figure it all out. Starting out as a product manager is hard. Despite the experiences and successes you may have had before taking on a product role, you may find yourself in your first year as a PM wondering, “Am I any good at this? How do people even do this?” As Senior PMs who both experienced challenges in their first years in product, Adam and Leslie will walk through how they learned to frame problems, lead through collaboration, and retain balance. The hope is that you’ll walk away understanding how you can develop the courage of your convictions as you grow into your role.

Presenter: Adam Tao
Adam is a Sr Product Manager at SpareFoot. With roles in consumer retention and product marketing before becoming a PM, his product focus is on delivering ideal experiences to consumers throughout the user journey.

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37 – Product validation case study: A step by step walkthrough of taking a concept from ideation to market.

Most talks discuss overall lessons learned from a particular part of an industry. They are overarching and vague and unactionable. This session will give you tools that you can implement TODAY that will help your results TOMORROW. The talk will encompass an end to end example of the product development lifecycle, from brainstorming ideas, to honing those concepts, testing the best to arrive at a prototype that turns into a full-blown product. The stack and specific tools and methods will be key takeaways from the talk.

Presenter: Alexander Charles Boase
After staring a career in design, Alex worked as an advertising producer until he was introduced to product management and Agile 3 years ago. He’s now moved fully into that role, developing consumer products for Return Path. Regal AF. Awesome hair. And hats.

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38 – Can You Trust A Sales Rep With Your Product?

As Product Leaders, we tend to believe that we understand our product and market best because of the hours and months of research we’ve spent on it. Sales Reps also believe they understand our product and market best because of the many meetings and miles they spend talking with our customers. Who’s right? Join this session led by a former Product Marketer, current Account Executive, and soon-to-be Product Manager, Neha Shah. Neha would love to generate a conversation to bridge each of these seemingly in-conflict roles to ultimately set your team and product for success!

Presenter: Neha Shah
Neha Shah has 10+ years of experience building B2B technology partnerships, and delivering marketing strategy for industries including Higher Education, Public and Critical Infrastructure, and Consumer Electronics. She has worked in New Delhi, DC, SF, and now Austin. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and has an MBA from the George Washington University.

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40 – The Achilles’ Heel of Agile Teams Value

Many Agile teams believe in delivering valuable software. But what does it mean for software to be “valuable?” How do we know if we are generating value or if any given development activity is producing value? This session invites participants to dive deeper into the definition of value by drawing a distinction between value-in-exchange and value-in-use. The session will also introduce participants to several methods and techniques for how to create, capture, and deliver value.

Presenter: Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh has over twenty years of experience in accelerating product development, driving culture change, and transforming organizations. He helps clients resolve complex, intractable problems and capture emergent opportunities. He is an advocate for the integration of learning with work, the cultivation of cultures where people thrive, and the application of heuristics to deliver holistic solutions to customer problems.

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41 – Using a Customer Value Journey to Create a Moment of Magic that Skyrockets Sales

You’re familiar with customer journeys. But I’ll show how adding a single word and a magical moment will skyrocket sales. The single word is “value.” Experience the transformation that follows when you shift to a Customer VALUE Journey. But to make this work you need to architect a moment of magic. There are 5 critical elements to create this magical moment. One is an exchange of a small amount of money. Come discover the other four and how they fit into the customer value journey. This session will be 50% presentation and 50% workshop.

Presenter: Craig Andrews
Craig Andrews is the Principal Ally and founder of digital marketing agency allies4me. Allies4me specializes in solving two problems for its clients: driving more traffic to their websites and getting people to take more action once they get there. Applying the conversion mentality to SEO, paid search and email campaigns, allies4me gets results that make its clients more profitable.

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42 – Adapting Design Sprints: Insights From My Days At Google

AJ Davis, a former Google user experience researcher, will be sharing reasons and ways to break away from the original Google Ventures 5-day design sprint model. She’ll share tips and observations on why you may want to modify the original format, as well as three variations that she’s successfully used with her teams. She’ll also share tips and tricks for better-incorporating user research into your sprints.

Presenter: AJ Davis
AJ Davis is a user advocate and product leader. She founded Sitleo after watching companies stumble to understand customer behavior. Sitleo combines user research and A/B testing to identify user problems, make focused changes, and help companies grow. Prior to founding Sitleo, AJ established lean UX practices on several teams at Google.

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43 – Is your marketing as agile as your development?

While product development has been using agile for years, most marketing organizations have stayed the same even when implementing more digital strategies. Agile Marketing can help you speak to customers about the right problems in the right ways at the right time. But what does Agile Marketing really mean and entail? Walking through a case study, I’ll share how having an agile mindset and agreed upon processes helped my team to be more client centric while also increasing alignment and communication across product, sales and marketing. With experience in a startup and working at IBM, I will highlight the key aspects of Agile Marketing that will help you — no matter the size of your company. See how free form creativity and the right structure can live side-by-side and help your team move faster in the right direction.

Presenter: Lani Dame
Lani has a passion for bringing people together as a team to accomplish a goal — and having fun all along the way. She is currently a Product Marketing Lead at IBM. She’s worked for Fortune 500 Corporations, start-up businesses, and entrepreneurs — and in each role, she has developed a reputation for her creative, nontraditional approach.

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44 – Behind the Scenes of Software Development

Software development is not only about coding. It consists of a number of practices and processes that lead to a successful product. Let’s deep dive into this incredible virtual world! The session is intended for a wide audience to understand what software development is, what challenges software engineers are facing, and how much it costs.

Presenter: Roman Yakhymets
Roman Yakhymets. Being 15 years in IT, 10 of them Roman Yakhymets has been holding project/product manager positions at SoftServe, Inc. He successfully completed more than 25 projects using different technologies and methodologies. Roman Yakhymets had managed to develop most of the projects using limited, distributed, part-time available resources. Want to develop a project for free? Ask me how!

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45 – Live Healthily, Drop Dead – How Health Makes Your Product Management Career

Developing a Product requires a number of choices. Product Management is how to make smart choices. I’m going to tell you a bit about how I used what I’ve learned during my career as an Entrepreneur and Product Manager to develop a product promoting your long-term health. You’ll learn how I applied Product Management techniques from tech to health and lifestyle. Using information from the Blue Zones around the world where the highest percentage of people live past 100 years. I have developed a simple Product that uses Mindful Eating and Intermittent Fasting. The added benefit is that this product will help you in your career search so if you come to my session, you’ll get twice the bang for your buck. Pick up some tips on how to become more healthy during your search for a Product Management Role, and therefore, be a more attractive candidate to many organizations.

Presenter: Simon Silverleaf
After a career in IT and Product Manager including Reuters and Goldman Sachs. He has always been interested in his own health. As the body ages its ability to cater to what we eat changes, last year he started Intermittent Fasting, almost vegan. He has achieved significant changes to his health. He is starting a company to spread this message.

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46 – Faster, Better, Cheaper with Situational Awareness

Use situational awareness to turnaround projects and drive process improvement. Experiences from the field: • We’ll choose 3 projects from a list of 6, discussing where things went awry and how situational awareness can help you avoid problems.

Presenter: Ron Beilinson
Ron Beilinson is a process improvement guru, having audited and assessed projects, large and small, around the world. Formerly on staff at the University of Technology, Sydney, he has offered seminars and workshops to Fortune 100 companies and gov’t on UX, Product Testing, and Quality Development, raising awareness regarding stakeholders, roles, and related obstacles (to anticipate) in systems delivery.

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47 – 8 Mistakes Killing Your SEO (and How to Fix Them)

In the ever-changing field of search marketing, even the best can fall behind. Learn 8 common (but killer) SEO mistakes and discover the best practices you need to get back on track. You’ll find it’s easy to make a misstep when it comes to organic search, but with a few fixes, you can remain relevant and maintain your Google rankings. From technical SEO tweaks to changes to on-page SEO, this session will cover how to avoid SEO blunders while keeping the floor open for questions and strategy discussion.

Presenter: Amanda Powell
Amanda manages SEO efforts at DigitalMarketer, where she helps drive the mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses. She’s worked in the Austin community over the last five years, implementing search strategies for local businesses and large software companies, such as SolarWinds. Her goal is to help more marketers learn to fill Google search results with content that matters.

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48 – Design Thinking for Work and Play (Slides)

We will discuss how to move past assumptions to optimize discovery and realize revenue and happiness faster. Learn how to understand markets, buyers, users — and yourself.

Presenter: Karen Kelvie
Karen Kelvie is a connector. She brings together ideas, people and practices. She triggers insights with curated information from SIGs, conferences, books and collaboration. Her recent focus has been bringing best practices from large companies to SMB and startups. Her experience spans emerging technologies, semiconductor, computer networking and telecommunications in Austin and Silicon Valley.

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